Rex's Plan

As a public servant for decades, Rex has a unique knowledge of our communities' needs and challenges. Below are his priorities and plans for North Alabama in the State Legislature.


Quality Jobs with Fair Wages

Rex's top priority is to recruit new businesses to North Alabama and encourage local employers to expand by fighting for our fair share of funding for roads and infrastructure, while supporting targeted tax cuts that motivate businesses to hire locally.


Cut Spending and Boost Efficiency

Our community has done well to cut wasteful spending and serve as faithful stewards of taxpayer dollars, but we can always do better. Rex pledges to ensure public services are efficient and cost effective both locally and in Montgomery. 


Quality Education for a Stronger Future

The future of our community and its economy relies on a healthy and educated next generation. That's why Rex wants to make sure our schools and teachers have the resources and technology they need to prepare today's kids to grow into tomorrow's leaders. 


Supporting Law Enforcement and First Responders

As a former police chief, Rex knows the needs of local law enforcement, fire departments and first responders and how best to provide them with the equipment necessary to protect our homes and businesses. 


Protecting 2nd Amendment Rights

The 2nd Amendment is a fundamental right for all Americans. Rex will continue to protect the right to bear arms, as he has done his entire life.